Wisely with ADP™

We’ve collected some of our most frequently asked customer service and technical questions to help you resolve potential problems and get your questions answered as quickly as possible.

What is Wisely?
Wisely is a powerful yet simple new solution to help you manage your financial life.

From ADP®, a name you trust with your pay, Wisely is a suite of personal financial tools that works for you. Providing you awareness and helping you to budget wisely. Spend wisely. Save wisely.

Wisely automatically tracks your spending through a prepaid debit card, suggests spending buckets, and helps you save for your financial goals. It transforms the way you manage your money from the moment it hits your account – helping you get to a better financial future.

You’ll receive a Wisely with ADP™ prepaid debit card with your Wisely account and you can use the card wherever Mastercard® debit cards are accepted worldwide. You can use it to make payments and purchases in stores, online or by phone.

Signing up for Wisely

To enroll, please log into the ADP® Mobile app and select the tile for Wisely with ADP® Mastercard®. After you download the Wisely with ADP® Mastercard® app, you can enroll using the Wisely application.

Why do you need my Social Security Number?
To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. What this means for you: when you open a prepaid card account, we may require your name, address, date of birth, social security number, tax identification number and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

Is the information I submit online safe?
Yes. The technology supporting Wisely is compliant with data security standards as set forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, and uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to help secure any data transferred to or from pages where you submit or view personal information.

How long will it take to receive my card?
Please allow 7 – 10 calendar days for the card to be delivered.

Can I receive a secondary card for my Wisely account? Yes. Wisely primary accountholders may order a secondary card to add trusted family members to the account. All cardholders, including secondary cardholders, must pass an additional validation. Secondary card holders will share access to the same funds as the primary, and will be able to log in to the Wisely mobile app and website to view balances and transaction history. Wisely only supports one secondary card holder per primary account.

Will my credit report be checked to determine if I can get an account?
No. A credit check is not required or performed while opening a Wisely account because it’s not a credit card.

Will my card usage affect my credit?
No. Wisely with ADP is a prepaid account and not a credit card – and as such, your usage does not affect your credit rating.

Are my funds FDIC-insured?
Your Wisely account is insured by the FDIC. However, other accounts you have in the same capacity with MB Financial Bank, N.A. are considered together with the card value for the purposes determining FDIC coverage.

How do I activate my card?
It’s easy, just activate your card directly through the Wisely mobile app. Be sure to sign the back of your card so merchants can validate your identity when you sign for purchases.

How do I set up my personal identification number (PIN)?
You can easily set up or update your account related PIN through the mobile app.

Is there a minimum balance for a Wisely account?
No. There is no minimum balance requirement. However, accounts with a zero balance and no activity may be subject to closure after 90 days.

Adding funds to your Wisely account

What are the different ways to place funds on my Wisely account?
There are several ways to add money to your account:

  1. Set up direct deposits easily through the Wisely mobile app.
  2. You may load cash on your account using your Wisely Card at thousands of retailers using Reload @ the Register™ or MoneyPak®. Retailers may charge up to $5.95 for this service (Green Dot® Network cash reload limits and fees apply. Subject to account and balance limits.), in addition to the amount you wish to load onto the Wisely account. The maximum cash load limits to your Wisely account are currently as follows:
    • Rolling 24 hours: $1,500 or 4 loads
    • Rolling 7 days: $3,500 or 7 loads
    • Calendar month: $5,000 or 20 loads
  3. ADP may increase or decrease these limits from time to time at its discretion and without notice to you. Learn more about how to reload your account with cash on the following Green Dot websites: attheregister.com or moneypak.com.
  4. You can transfer funds from a U.S. bank account to your Wisely account.
  5. You can transfer funds from a debit card in your name. The limits on debit card loads to your Wisely account are currently as follows:
    • Rolling 24 hours: $500 or 3 loads
    • Minimum amount per load: $25

How do I set up funds to be transferred to my Wisely account by Direct Deposit?
Log into the Wisely mobile app and select “Account” at the bottom right of the screen. Within this tab, select Update Direct Deposit. You will be able to add or modify your direct deposit amount at any time. Please note that it may take up to two pay cycles for changes to direct deposit amounts to come into effect. It may take up to two payroll cycles to complete the direct deposit set up.

Using Your Wisely Card

Where can I use my Wisely Card?
You can use the card to purchase goods and services everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted, and withdraw cash at all participating ATMs. (Please refer to cardholder Fee Schedule for applicable fees.)

Can my Wisely Card be used for PIN Code purchases?
Yes. You can use your Wisely Card for PIN Code purchases. If the merchant's terminal can accept PIN Code transactions, choose the debit option. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN Code.

Can my Wisely Card be used for signature purchases?
Yes. If the merchant's terminal accepts credit, select the credit option. You will be asked for your signature, and will not be asked for your PIN. Please note that your card is still a prepaid debit card, and can only be used with the funds available on your account. Selecting credit only changes the way the card processes. It does not change your card type and will not extend you credit.

Can I use my Wisely Card for online purchases?
Yes. You may use your card number for online purchases. Please make sure you enter the correct billing information, including your name and the address on file with Wisely, or the transaction may be declined. Please note that the Wisely Card or account cannot be used for, but not limited to, online gambling.

How do I find my routing and account information?
Your routing and account numbers can be found under “Account” tab at the bottom right of the Wisely mobile app. There will be an option to “reveal” your routing and account information. You will be prompted to provide a second level of security (touch ID or app PIN code). Upon successfully doing so, your card account details will be shown. You can use your Wisely account and routing number for direct deposits processed by a payor other than ADP.

What happens when I return something I bought with my Wisely Card?
Any refund for goods or services purchased with the card account will be made in the form of a credit to the card. While most merchants settle these at night this may vary depending on the merchant. Verify with the merchant when you should expect to see a credit. Typically a credit from a return should reflect on your card account within a few business days.

Are there limits on purchases or other withdrawals?

Wisely Transaction Limits

Limits for transactions to obtain cash from a Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, Interlink, or Allpoint ATM or cash back from merchants

$2,000/24 hour period
$15,000/30 day period

Daily limit for all transactions to obtain cash, including ATM, cashback or from a bank teller

$25,000/24 hour period

Limits for all other kinds of trnasacions including purchases at Mastercard Merchants

$10,000/3 day period

Do I have the option to request overdrafts on my card?
No. You are not allowed to request overdrafts on your card.

Can I be charged overdraft fees?
No. You can only spend what’s on your card so if the transaction amount is larger than the card balance, it will be declined without fees.

Do some merchants get authorization to charge more than the actual amount of a purchase?
As with any prepaid card transaction, when the Wisely Card is used for certain kinds of transactions, the merchant accepting the card may request advance authorization of that transaction, and may estimate the amount of the transaction. This is usually because the final purchase amount is not known at the time you present your card. For example:

What is an Authorization Hold?
An “Authorization Hold” is a temporary hold on the funds available on your account for the amount of an authorized transaction. An Authorization Hold generally will be released within three business days after the date we authorized that transaction. However, certain merchants, especially rental car companies, hotels and others that authorize high dollar amounts may cause an Authorization Hold to remain in effect for an extended period of time. You can see each Authorization Hold on the funds available on your account at any time by logging into your Wisely mobile app. Certain transactions may be handled differently by different merchants. If you are unsure of a merchant's policy, it's best to ask before presenting your card.

Can I add my Wisely Card to Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, or Android Pay™?
The Wisely Card can be used with Apple Pay, but Samsung Pay and Android Pay are not currently enabled for this program.

Managing Funds on Wisely

How do I check my balance?
You can check your balance any time by logging in to the Wisely mobile app.

Will I receive statements showing the transaction history on my Wisely account?
Yes. Once you activate your card, you will receive periodic electronic statements showing all your activity on the Wisely mobile app.

Do I have to wait until I get a statement to see the transactions on the Wisely app?
No. Your Wisely mobile app will provide you with real time information on all your transactions. You can also view this information by logging into your account online at wisely.adp.com or by contacting customer service at 1-888-373-5714.

Can I have Alerts go to multiple phone numbers?
No. You can have alerts sent to only one mobile phone number. Message and data rates from your carrier may apply.

What's the difference between my pending transactions and posted transactions shown on the Wisely mobile app?
With a pending transaction, the transaction has been authorized for a specific amount, but that transaction has not been submitted for final settlement. The funds are still in your account, but are reserved and cannot be used. With a posted transaction, the transaction has been submitted and cleared for payment to the merchant, and the amount of the transaction has been deducted from the funds available on your Wisely account.

Spending Budget How does budgeting work?
The Wisely budgeting component will track your purchases based on budget categories you can select or customize. The app will track your transactions for the first 30 days. After those 30 days, the app will automatically create suggested budget categories and amounts based upon those transactions. You will always have the opportunity to edit (add/delete/change) the budget categories, and change the suggested budget amounts. Using the intelligence within Wisely, we will proactively keep you informed when you’re spending within your budget or spending at a rate that is below or above your estimated budget.

Will my Wisely Card get declined if I go over budget? No. We don’t decline transactions based on budgets as long as your Wisely account has sufficient available spending balance. The budgeting display for categories is informational and doesn’t affect your ability to make purchases within your available spending balance.

However, money allocated towards your savings goals has been set aside and is not part of your available spending balance. You can move funds allocated towards savings goals back to your available balance any time on the Wisely mobile app or by calling customer service at 1-888-373-5714.

Savings Goals What are the Savings Goals I see in the app?
You can set savings goals to automatically start saving money towards a larger purchase. Using the Wisely mobile app, you set up a savings goal for us to transfer an amount you direct from funds you load towards the goal. While the funds are being held for the goal, they won’t be part of your available spending balance. The Wisely app will help you determine safe amounts to set aside for your saving goals based on tools that help you review of your spending budget and funds loaded.

Are the Goals funds in a savings account?
No. The funds are still in your prepaid card account, which does not earn interest. Wisely allows you to move the funds from your available balance so you don’t accidentally spend them. You can move them out of your savings goals balance and back into your available balance at any time.

How do I get the funds from goals back into my available balance?
You can transfer the funds out of goals back to your available balance at any time for immediate fund transfer by tapping the Account tab at the bottom right of the Wisely mobile app.

Updating Your Wisely Account

Why do I need a text message to log in?
For security purposes, we register every device you use to access the Wisely app. When we don’t recognize a device, we’ll send you a text message with a code to register the device (Message and data rates from your carrier may apply). If you do not receive the text message or would prefer that we don’t send you one, you may call account services to receive your verification code.

What if I need a replacement card?
The simplest way to order a replacement card is through the Wisely mobile app under the Account tab in the bottom right of the app. Additionally, you can order a replacement card by contacting customer service 1-888-373-5714. Please see your fee schedule for fees related to replacing your card.

How can I change my PIN Code?
You can easily change your POS/ATM PIN Code right through the Wisely mobile app under the Account tab in the bottom right of the app. Alternatively, you can change your PIN Code by logging into your account online at wisely.adp.com or by calling customer service.

How do I update my address?
You can update your address through the mobile app, by logging on to the website at wisely.adp.com, or by calling customer service. Please be advised that you cannot change your address within 30 days of activation.

What do I do to speak to someone in customer service?
You can call 1-888-373-5714 and select the option for a customer service agent.

What is the lock/unlock feature and how do I use it to protect my Wisely account?
The lock/unlock feature can instantly suspend your Wisely Card. When locked, your card will be declined for any attempted purchases, including recurring transactions. You can lock your card if you misplace it but don’t want to report it lost yet, or if you simply don’t want anyone to use the card until you unlock it.

You can lock and unlock your Wisely Card at any time by logging in to your Wisely mobile app, and selecting the “Account” tab. You can also call us any time for a customer service agent at 1-888-373-5714.

If Your Wisely Card is Lost or Stolen

What if my Wisely Card is lost or stolen?
If you believe that you have temporarily lost your Wisely Card, you have the option of immediately “Locking” the account right from your mobile app. If the card is found, you can then just go back into the app and “Unlock” the account to use the account as you normally would.

If the card is permanently lost or stolen, you can simply access the Wisely mobile app and report it lost/stolen directly through the Wisely mobile app. Alternatively, you can call customer service to report it, or log into your account online at wisely.adp.com to change the status of your card and review your transaction history. If your card has been used for unauthorized purchases, a customer service agent will be able to assist you with the dispute process.


Are there fees associated with Wisely?
Wisely does have fees, for out of network ATM withdrawals and for replacement of lost or stolen cards. Please see our full fee schedule below for all fees that apply.

WISELY WITH ADP™ FEE SCHEDULE                                                                                          IF 1661 v.10.11.17



Unlimited in-network ATM withdrawals at any in-network MB Financial Bank ATM. Accept surcharge if appears. Fee will be waived or credited.
Find in-network MB Financial Bank ATMs at https://www.mbfinancial.com/locations.


All out-of-network domestic U.S. ATM withdrawals on the Cirrus network. 
(other third parties, such as ATM owner, may charge additional fees)


MasterCard® member bank over-the-counter teller cash withdrawal within the 50 U.S. States, Washington D.C. and Canada (Other international MasterCard member banks, including those in U.S. territories, may charge a fee)


Purchase transaction and cash back with PIN code purchase


Email and text message account alerts (Message and data fees from your carrier may apply.)


Monthly maintenance


Online and mobile app account management


24/7 automated phone and live customer service


Balance inquiry and withdrawal decline at any ATM


International purchase and international ATM transaction currency conversion fee (percent based on total transaction amount and other third parties, such as ATM owner, may charge additional fees)


Lost/stolen card replacement for a primary or secondary card
– Card replacement with standard mailing per card
– Card replacement with expedited mailing per card



Monthly paper statement


Written transaction history


Each secondary card
– Card with standard mailing per card
– Card with expedited mailing per card


Third-party fees may apply for third-party services, including (but not limited to) cash reload.

The information provided herein is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal, accounting, financial advisory, or tax advice. The information and services ADP provides should not be deemed a substitute for the advice of any such professional.

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